XINSURANCE provides customized specialty insurance for ever-changing risks and liability issues, including property and casualty insurance. XINSURANCE protects you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies will not

Independent Contractor Insurance Made Just for You


At XINSURANCE, we believe that no one should have a fear of being under-covered. That is why we offer customized liability insurance policies, including Independent Contractor Insurance, that cover additional areas applicable to you that most traditional insurance companies do not cover. Most offer appropriate coverage for homeowners, business owners, and employers. However, in today’s society, there are hundreds of areas of exposure that can lead to a lawsuit. At XINSURANCE, we do our best to fill the gaps that traditional insurance companies do not. As a self-employed independent contractor, it’s important that you take serious legal precautions to ensure that you are appropriately protected if you should ever find yourself in a difficult legal situation such as a lawsuit. Our Independent Contractor Insurance provides you with quality coverage that will protect you in case any legal problems should arise. Continue reading to learn about our Independent Contractor Insurance, how requesting a quote works, and what we do to provide you with the best insurance fit.

Independent Contractor Insurance
Over 10 million workers in the United States classify as independent contractors. Many independent contractors today are protecting themselves with general liability insurance. However, some of these general liability insurance policies do not completely protect you as an independent contractor. That is why we offer Independent Contractor Insurance costs with a premium coverage that is specific to you and your line of work.

How Does It Work?
Thanks to our underwriting team, that has over 30 years of experience, you have the ability to get customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums that are appropriate for you, your line of work, and your hobbies. Getting a quote for our Independent Contractor Insurance is simple; just fill out the contact form available on our website with your information and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible to get the process started.

You can also browse through the product lines available on our website to find the perfect insurance coverage for you. If you’re unsure of which product line is right for you or if you don’t see a policy right for you listed on our page, we can work with you personally to create a special customized coverage plan that will meet your specific, unique needs.

Who Can Purchase XINSURANCE?
If you’ve struggled with denied, non-renewed, or canceled coverage in the past, don’t worry. At XINSURANCE, we’ve worked with individuals and businesses that have been struggling to get traditional carriers to insure them, and we’re always available to assist you with whatever needs or concerns you might have regarding additional coverage.

Other Product Lines
Our other insurance product lines include animal liability, commercial liability, medical professional, entertainer liability and many more. We’re always striving to provide our customers with the high quality, personalized coverage they deserve. Our product lines are always expanding depending on what specialty coverage is needed among our customers.

If you have any questions about our product lines or would like to work with us to create a customized line that is completely personalized for you, you can contact us via phone, email, fax, or visit us online at Contact us today at 877-585-2853 for additional information about Independent Contractor Insurance costs and anything else or feel free to email us your request and information to Minimize your exposure and maximize your peace of mind with XINSURANCE.

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